Improve your marketing skills today — especially if you’re a content creator!

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I’ve got the money but not the guts.

House with white picket fence and blue sky
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How to reignite the spark in your life

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From $20,000 one year to $60,000 the next

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And the pros and cons of each

A typewriter, a white lamp, a sunflower in a vase, and a notebook
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40 different foods in one week — can it be done (realistically)?

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“Don’t worry, be happy!” isn't what you need right now.

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How to harness your active mind and use it to your advantage

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I made $14,000 when I finally figured it out!

A sign that says “All you need is less”
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Rachael Kable

A bit of mental health, a bit of online business. Published author, coach and host of The Mindful Kind podcast. More at

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