3 Things I Learned to Cope Without (After Living in a Shed for 2 Years)

Rachael Kable
7 min readAug 23, 2021

And three things I can’t wait to enjoy in my new home!

Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

The fireworks were whirring and popping across the night sky. It was the final night of 2019, and my partner Dec and I were holding hands, nervously wondering what the next few months would bring.

We were almost $25,000 in debt, and my credit card had reached its limit. After some intense discussions, we decided we had two realistic options. One — we could both increase the time we spent working for other people and keep living in our expensive apartment in the city. Two — we could move in with my mum (in a small rural town) and cut our expenses so we could continue growing our online business.

A pros and cons list showed a clear winner. Option two. It looked like we’d be moving back to my hometown to live with my mum. We optimistically guessed we’d stay for six months before finding a cheaper place to rent.

Not wanting to encroach on my mum’s space too much, we “renovated” the roof of the shed. And by renovated, I mean we stuffed the walls with insulation, installed a ceiling, built a few walls, and painted the plywood floor. I enthusiastically scattered my indoor plants around our new home to make it look a little cozier.

Six months turned into a year, but we finally paid off our debts and started earning a consistent income from the business. Rather than jumping back into the renting game, my mum allowed us to stay a little longer so we could save a deposit for our first home.

A year turned into two.

Finally, two years and six months after we moved into the shed, we’ve started our home loan application. We’re hoping to buy our first home in the next few months and move in (fingers crossed) before the end of 2021.

We’re excited to enter back into our independence. Having our own space again. Living in an actual home instead of the roof of a shed. And there are some things I can’t wait to enjoy — running water, for starters.

But, there are a few key things I’ve learned to live without over the last few years. Surprisingly, having to give up these things actually improved my life for the better. Even when we move into our own place again, I won’t…

Rachael Kable

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