Open goals can give you the flexibility you need.

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It’s 2011, and I’m sitting in a Health Behavior class during my psychology degree. I’m learning about SMART goals and how they help people create realistic intentions to potentially increase their chances of success.

“When you set a goal, make sure it’s specific and that you can measure it. Check that it’s achievable and relevant. Add time constraints to the goal, too, so you won’t procrastinate,” said my teacher.

Fast forward to 2021, and I’ve talked about SMART goals. A lot. I’ve helped clients set SMART goals. I’ve done a podcast episode about it. Heck, I’ve even set multiple SMART…

“Dirty” fuel might help you reach your goals, but it probably won’t feel good.

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When was the last time you pushed yourself to achieve an important goal using negative self-talk, like “Stop being lazy — just start already!” or “Everyone is achieving their goals faster than you”?

Oh, just yesterday? Me too!

I sat down at my desk at 9 am to start working on a new podcast episode, and I was struggling with a serious case of “idea overwhelm.” You know, when you have so many ideas that nothing seems good enough? …

It’s time I got these off my chest (and apologized to my siblings)

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As the eldest sibling in my family, I like to think I’m fairly conscientious, responsible, reliable, and organized. However, there are some less admirable traits that first-born children tend to have, too. Being overly controlling and competitive. Struggling to share. Bossing people around. Taking things a little too seriously.

And when I look back on my childhood, I can see how those less admirable traits probably affected my siblings. So, I’m here to apologize. But first, I’d better explain what I need to apologize for.

It’s confession time.

I deliberately gave my siblings the wrong advice about winning Monopoly.

I wouldn’t say I technically cheated, but I definitely fed my siblings…

People think happiness is a goal, and that’s a problem.

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It all started when my partner said, “You’ve been more emotional than usual lately. Is everything okay?” And tears sprung into my eyes because I knew it was true, and honestly, it was such a relief to have it out in the open.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed that, too. I just don’t know why!”

So, I downloaded a mood tracking app to look closer at my moods and potentially find any helpful patterns that might explain my “emotional-ness.” …

Exit that Instagram app and make a meaningful difference in your life.

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If you’re among the 79.9% of people* who want to do a social media detox in 2021, I hear you. (*I guessed this statistic, but the sentiment is real!) I’ve heard it from friends, I’ve heard it from clients, I’ve heard it from my fiancé. I’ve even heard it from my mum!

“This year, I’m going to spend less time on Instagram and Facebook…”

…And Twitter and Tik Tok and Youtube and Snapchat and Pinterest.

In her book, “This One Wild and Precious Life,” Sarah Wilson writes about scrolling (or the “bloody scrolling,” as she calls it).

“We go for…

You might like to avoid these in the future.

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In 2020, I set a few goals that weren’t really worth my time. I remember having good intentions when I set them, but it became clear they weren’t right as they started to unfold. Even as a perfectionist, I’m pretty glad these goals didn’t work out the way I’d hoped.

So, if you’re looking for goal-setting inspiration, I’m here to give you a word of advice — don’t set any of the following goals. Like me, you might find yourself feeling frustrated, disappointed, or unfulfilled.

Improve a toxic relationship

I’ve been holding onto a toxic relationship for a long time. “I can help her,”…

How to create a more meaningful life.

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I used to believe that happiness was the ultimate goal. I craved happiness when I didn’t have it and worried I was doing something wrong when I felt sad, lonely, or angry. Even when I felt happy, I was afraid of “losing” it.

Over the last few years, I’ve been focusing more on creating a meaningful life that allows me to feel the full range of my emotions. Instead of chasing happiness, I let it come and go. And, I work on cultivating habits that nourish my sense of life satisfaction.

Life satisfaction measures how people evaluate their life as…

Here’s a simple system that’ll help.

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A wide variety of self-care activities can boost and protect your overall wellbeing. Physical self-care activities can support your immune system and help you feel both energized and well-rested. Mental self-care activities can promote resilience, relaxation, and a positive mindset. And self-care activities for social health can help you feel connected, supported, and less stressed.

Not to mention a variety of other potential components of wellbeing, like emotional, spiritual, environmental, and financial!

But what happens when you don’t have enough hours in the day to implement the self-care activities that matter most to you?

You might end up with an…

The best motivation for daily movement

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It’s 3.48 pm. Earlier, I told myself I’d do a workout at 4 pm. I even wrote it on my planner. But, with 12 minutes to go, I hit a wall of resistance. I don’t really want to do a workout anymore. I’m comfortable and warm. One of my dogs is asleep on my lap. There’s a new episode of The Bachelor ready to stream.

I almost give in. After all, I don’t have to do any exercise — I could do it tomorrow. Or the next day. At 3.56 …

Five ways to boost your book sales

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Marketing isn’t one of my greatest strengths. I started my online business as a 21-year-old straight out of University. With a psychology degree under my belt, I was ready to start helping people and making a positive difference in the world. I launched a basic website, wrote some blog posts, created a podcast, and started working on my first product (an eBook).

Five years later, I’d poured my heart and countless hours into my online business, but I still wasn’t taking marketing seriously. Sure, I’d focused on building my social media accounts, and I had an email list with a…

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