And three things I can’t wait to enjoy in my new home!

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The fireworks were whirring and popping across the night sky. It was the final night of 2019, and my partner Dec and I were holding hands, nervously wondering what the next few months would bring.

We were almost $25,000 in debt, and my credit card had reached its limit. After some intense discussions, we decided we had two realistic options. One — we could both increase the time we spent working for other people and keep living in our expensive apartment in the city. …

How to reignite the spark in your life

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A few years ago, my partner and I went camping at Mount Buffalo in Victoria, Australia. It was March, and the weather had already turned quite cold. We slept on old inflatable mattresses that slowly went flat overnight. Wild dogs howled into the darkness.

There were plenty of great moments and fun adventures, but we spent a lot of time feeling uncomfortable.

When we got home, we cuddled on the couch with our dogs and really savored our morning cups of coffee. We took hot showers, ate flavorsome meals, and looked forward to a good night’s sleep. …

From $20,000 one year to $60,000 the next

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It’s tax time here in Australia and I’m celebrating. In the last financial year, my online business earned just over $60,000 AUD – three times what it made the year before!

I could say I got lucky or that I worked really hard, and both would be partly true. But I think this rapid growth can also be attributed to something else; a few key mindset swaps.

You see, I’ve had my online business for almost six years now. In that time, I’ve had some wonderful opportunities, like landing a book deal and working with awesome companies. I’ve made money…

And the pros and cons of each

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I’ve always loved to write. Even when I was a young girl, I kept journals and wrote creative stories for fun. I was only nine or ten years old when I started planning my first novel. It was about a young woman who traveled the world and went on thrilling adventures. And while I only wrote a few short chapters, I savored the time I spent in the world I’d created.

When I was 18 years old, I went to university to study psychology and wrote essays and research reports for the following four years. I missed creative writing, and…

40 different foods in one week — can it be done (realistically)?

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An apple a day didn’t keep the doctor away.

After going off the contraceptive pill in late 2020, my skin broke out in the worst acne I’d ever experienced. Several months later, it’s still painful, peeling, cystic, inflamed, and itchy. At first, I felt resilient — “this too, shall pass,” I reassured myself.

But then, the acne got worse, and . I went to the doctor and had blood tests done (which ruled out PCOS), I started seeing a naturopath, and I visited a skin clinic. …

“Don’t worry, be happy!” isn't what you need right now.

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You’ve had a long day at work. You’re tired. You’re stressed. You walk in the front door of your home, place your bag on the floor, sit down on the couch, and take a few deep breaths.

Your feelings must be clear to see because your partner walks past and says, “Cheer up, sunshine. Life’s not that bad!” And you feel a sudden rush of rage, sadness, and shame. Rage because you’re tired and stressed, and the last thing you needed was an inconsiderate remark thrown your way. Sadness because you don’t feel supported. …

How to harness your active mind and use it to your advantage

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I don’t know about you, but I’m naturally an overthinker.

I’ve always struggled with formal meditations because my mind becomes really active. I sit down to do a meditation, and within 10 seconds, I’m thinking about something else. Sometimes, I ruminate over mistakes or start planning for the future. Sometimes, I start having great ideas and powerful moments of clarity. Other times, something sparks my imagination, and I get lost in some pretend situation that will probably never happen. My point is, I think a lot — about interesting, helpful, productive things, and also about pointless, mundane, and negative things.

I made $14,000 when I finally figured it out!

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When I sat down to write an email to my newsletter subscribers, the words flowed easily onto the page. I started with an interesting personal story that segued into my newest, most important content. I included the links so my subscribers could access that content. Then, I created a short “menu” of all my recent work — a podcast interview, a Medium article, and my best Instagram post for the week.

“Another perfect email,” I thought. I was convinced I had the magic formula. Personal story to build rapport, check. A compelling link to my most important work, check. More…

Humor can spark real conversations and closeness.

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I was mindlessly scrolling on Facebook when a sheep meme made me stop. The title read, “On This Sheep-Scale, How Do You Feel Today?” and it featured several photos of sheep. One looked disgruntled, one was asleep, one was standing with a bucket on its head… You know the drill.

I saved the photo and sent it to my friend, who promptly replied. Expecting to see a funny comment or a gif of someone rolling their eyes, I was surprised. The sheep that best represented his feelings was the one that looked sad and disheartened. I sent a message back…

You’ll be able to write them more quickly, too!

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For several years, writing was one of my favorite creative activities. It was a meaningful outlet. A fun task on my to-do list. And then suddenly, it wasn't. I lost my writing mojo basically overnight. I didn’t feel excited to write about anything, and as life and work got busier, I stopped prioritizing my writing time. Whenever I sat down at my computer, writing felt about as easy as biting my own teeth.

Then, one day a few months ago, I was scrolling on Instagram when I saw a post about an interesting podcast episode. I closed Instagram and opened…

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